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This is the help documentation for the dartcalculator TacTics.
On this page you will find how the dartcalculator works.

How does it work

Simply click on the dartboard and your score is translated in the fields above the dartboard.
After filling in your score, click on the calculate button below your name.

Your score will be calculated.

Explanation score

See score matrix below for representation how many times what has been hit
  = no hit
X = 1 time hit
X   X = 2 times hit
X--X = 3 times hit
X--- = 3 times hit
---- = 3 times hit

Games won

At the bottom you will find the statistics of the total match.
The number of games won by each player.

Known bugs

In this version all fields are still editable.
This is done on purpose untill I've programmed the undo function.
When manipulating score it can become a mess.


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