The dart rules of Golf

First some general information about golf.
(with a ball and golfclub, so no darts).

A normal golfcourse consists of 18 holes.
A hole in one is, the ball in the hole or cup, with one strike.

The rules of the dart game Golf

Goal: Hit the numbers 1 to 18.

For each number you got three darts.
You do not need to use all three darts because
the last dart you throw is the dart that counts.


The image below shows the points for each dartboard part when
you are aiming for the 12.

Score golf

Hitting the triple 12 results in a hole in one.
18 Triples results in 18 points and is the maximum score you can get.

How confident are you?
When you throw the second dart in the dartboard part which represents 3 points;
do you throw the third dart?

Only a tripple or double beats the previous dart score.
Remember: the last dart you throw is the dart that counts.

Winning the game

The player with the least points wins the game.


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