The dart rules of 501/301

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The rules

The goal of this dart game is to score 501/301 points in as few throws as possible.
501 can be thrown with 9 darts
It just takes a lot of practise

You throw three darts each time.

The total score of all 3 darts is removed from your remaining total on the scoreboard.

Dart values and score

A dart that lands outside the board, bounches or get stucked into another dart means no score.
A dart landing in the outer ring (double) is two times the value.
A dart landing in the middle ring (triple) is three times the value.

The inner centre of the board is called the Bullseye and is worth 50 points.
The circle just outside the bulleye is worth 25 points.

If at any time your cumulative score exceeds the 501/301 you are 'busted'.
The score of that dart and the other darts in that turn of three darts do not count.

Finishing the game

To finish the game you must score the exact number of points (501/301.

You must finish on a double.

The last dart must be a double and the double must be the exact score you require to finish
Bullseye is a valid double also.

Sets and legs

One set consists of 3 legs
The first person to win 3 legs, wins the set

The person with most sets won, has won the game.

The number of sets one plays depends on the game,
but is always an odd number.


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